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10-in-1 Professional Mobile Phone Photo Kit
Product Code:EM-PC480
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Product Information:

Shoot like a professional with your mobile phone! Our 10-in-1 Professional Mobile Phone Photo Kit does an excellent job taking images from any angle or distance, but comes only with a fragment of the price of the professional camera. Under just one quality carrying case, you are equipped with not only the essential beginner lenses but also some more for advanced shooters! All lenses are compatible with most mobile devices, and fit very snug on your phone case. Simply clip it on the front or back camera of your phone, and it will show you another world of clean and sharp cell phone photography! This first-grade gift set stands out either as a branded corporate gift or giveaways to your friends. Perfect for both travel and daily use!


  • Telephoto Lens 2X
  • Fish Eye Lens 198°
  • Kaleidoscope Lens3
  • Kaleidoscope Lens6
  • 0.63X Wide Angle
  • Radical Filter Lens
  • Macro 15x
  • Flow Filter Lens
  • Star Filter Lens
  • CPL Mobile Phone Lens
  • Phone Clip
  • Carrying Case

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