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Smart Bluetooth Fingerprint Lock
Product Code:EM-PC470
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Product Information:

Are you always terrible at remembering combinations? Or always seem to misplace the keys? This Smart Fignerprint Padlock is equipped with self-developed fingerprint encryption algorithm chip, and requires no combo nor keys to worry about. With our flexible keyless technology, you can unlock via fingerprint within a matter of 1 second, or remotely using Bluetooth! In addition, you will be able to authorize multiple users, and share access with friends, family, colleagues, employees, etc. The body itself is protected by waterproof aluminium, and the shackle is made of heat-resistant stainless steel which can last for a long time, and even work under water! Say bye to traditional keys and combination padlock!


  • Wake-up mode to unlock
  • Scan QR code to add lock
  • Unlock via Bluetooth or Fingerprint
  • Keep 1000 times of unlocking records
  • Applications include closet, door, bags, luggage, suitcase, etc.

Executive standards:

  • GA374-2001 Electronic Security Lock
  • GB 21556-2008 General technical condition of lock security

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