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ComfyCup™ Cup Holder
Product Code:EM-PC469
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Product Information:

Looking for a Unique and clever way to impress your clients? Always on the hunt for the next Big trend? ComfyCup™ Holder is the world’s first portable public transit cup holder, with a unique patented clamp cup holder that fits vertical poles! It can be used inside trains, buses, street cars, trams abd even road bicycles with rounded frame poles. In addition, we provide you endless customization opportunities, such as color logos and any pantone color of your choice. Grab one today!

  • New & Innovative: Comfycup is the only pole portable cup holder in the world
  • Portable: Comfycup is small and light weight, which allows people to carry it with them wherever and whenever
  • Attractive: Comfycup is the only cup holder that comes in a variety of glossy and colorful colors, giving its users a stylish accessory to add to their transportation means
  • Cups Compatible: Comfycup fits all cone shape cups; disposable and reusable, and some water bottles as well
  • Pole Compatible: Comfycup fits pole sizes on public transit (Trams, trains, buses etc.) and other commonly used poles such as bicycles, rollators, scooters, wheelchairs and more
  • Durable: Comfycup is strong and sturdy, made from Polycarbonate plastic which gives it its strength quality
  • Branding & Advertising: Comfycup can be branded with a company logo, allowing it to be seen by many people in public transit and other places as well
  • Adaptable: When using comfycup in a none public space, on a smaller pole, there is an attachment that offer all other smaller pole compatibility

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