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MIEGO White Noise Sleep Machine
Product Code:EM-PC461
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Product Information:

If you live in a city, this MIEGO White Noise Sleep Machine will get your sleep right! This sleep machine produces 9 soothing white noise sounds, all of which are crisp, natural and non-looping. The background white noise can mask traffic, bangs, and snoring noises that might mess up your sleep and subsequent performance the next day. With a user-friendly auto-off timer, the sound will fade away automatically without disturbing you. Great for babies, children and adults. Want to have a restful sleep? Get a sample, and make every night a good night!

  • 9 sleeping sounds
  • Double power supply:DC5V 1A or lithium battery
  • Battery: 3.7v 2000mA rechargable lithium battery
  • 15-30-45-60-90min timing standard
  • Microvave night light
  • Earphone function

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