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MasonBrite™ Airtight LED Magnification Mason Stash Jar Lid
Product Code:EM-CW1000
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Product Information:

What is MasonBrite?

Your Buds Have Never Looked Prettier!

If you are a grower, a cannabis connoisseur, or a dispensary owner you probably know that a mason jar is a perfect way to store your buds. Keeping dried marijuana flowers airtight prevents the breakdown of cannabinoids and preserves the terpene quality. 

What if there was a way to check on your stash without having to open the lid?

MasonBrite is a transparent magnifying mason jar lid, equipped with three powerful white LED lights. It fits all common 86mm wide mouth glass jars and offers 3x & 5x magnification of the contents. We carefully optimized MasonBrite for a unique storing & viewing experience:  Whether you are an amateur or a professional, MasonBrite gives you the perfect display tool for your shop or indoor garden.

Potential uses for MasonBrite:

  • Growers: use it to check the curing progress of their freshly harvested bud

  • Dispensary owners: showcase your bud without having to expose it to air

  • Professionals: MasonBrite is great for tradeshows and conferences

How it works:

  • Simply attach the MasonBrite lid on any standard wide mouth mason jar and press the power button.

  • Enjoy the view of your flower with up to 5x magnification!

MasonBrite comes with its own glassware but can fit around almost every standard mason jar. Turn your old storage containers into a unique viewing experience with MasonBrite.


  • Bright LED & Clear View: 3 Powerful LEDs
  • Crystal Clear Magnification: 3X & 5X 
  • Fits on standard 86 mm Wide Mouth Mason Jars
  • Air Tight Sealing Lid Keeps Contents Fresh


  • Colors: Black
  • Weight: 6.34 oz
  • Size: 3.54" x 3.54" x 2.59"
  • Lens size: 2.4"
  • Magnification: 3X & 5X
  • Input: Micro USB 
  • Light: White LED X 3
  • Charging time: About 2 hours
  • Working time: About 3 hours
  • Power: 80 mAh UL Tested Rechargeable Polymer Lithium-Ion Battery

Kit includes:

  • 1 X MasonBrite™ Airtight LED Magnification Jar Lid
  • 1 X Cleaning Cloth
  • 1 X Zippered Pouch
  • 1 X Charging Cable

See the MasonBrite Stash Jar Lid in Action Here:

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