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100% Earth Friendly Eco Poncho
Product Code:EM-BC001
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Product Information:

Our 100% Compost Friendly Eco Poncho is a step in the right direction when it comes to an environmentally friendly world. The rain poncho is made of renewable resources of corn, soy and sunflower seeds. From this material, we are able to create an eco-friendly alternative as a counterpart to the normally used petroleum based rain poncho. Within 180 days of use these ponchos could acdtually be used as a compost.  Although they are made from 100% renewable and compostable materials they maintain the same waterproof and durable qualities of plastic. 

Plastic ponchos are inefficient. 

Most "disposable" ponchos are used for less than 20 minutes. But the life of a traditional plastic poncho is much longer. In fact, plastic is estimated to last from 500 to 1,000 years. It’s made from a non-renewable resource and causes a host of problems to the environment whether it’s thrown on the street or in a landfill. 

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