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Anti-Eavsdropping U-SAFE Audio Blocker
Product Code:EM-PC362
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Product Information:

Have you ever wondered who is listening to you and your loved ones through your laptop, phone, tablet or other smart device? Maybe you haven't but it happens more than we'd all like to admit. The only way to really stop hackers from accessing this is with a hardware blocker like our Anti-EavsdroppingY-SAFE Audio Blocker. 

How does it work? By plugging in the U-SAFE or Y-SAFE Audio Blocker, your microphone will be blocked from sending audio. This enables you to keep hackers from accessing your microphone. Analog firewalls are the best defense against hackers accessing your audio. Much like the webcam blocker, these promos allow you to defend you against unwanted eavsdropping! 

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