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1000 mAh Single Use Power Bank v2.0
Product Code:EM-PP093-2
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Product Information:
Our new & improved 1000 mAh Single Use Power Bank v2.0 is here to the rescue! Version 2.0 includes an ON/OFF switch for maximum efficiency of the single use battery. We've all been in that position where we wished we had some extra "juice" for our mobile devices on the train, plane or in between. This handy little gadget takes almost no space in your purse, pocket or backpack. Whether you're on a camping trip or commuting to work use it to extend your battery life up to 30% (based on 2300 mAh mobile phone test). It comes in a sealed waterproof bag and has a massive imprint area relative to it's small size. Great for event vendors, travel companies, and more!

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