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Fidget Cube :: Cube Shaped Promo
Product Code:EM-FS004
Availability: In stock

Product Information:

Want to turn some heads? Give the gift of mystery! Each of the six sides of the cube has something different to fidget with, with one side having a toggle switch, and another with a bunch of buttons to click.

  • A side with 5 buttons - 3 of which that click and make a noise, and 2 that are silent
  • A glider that's similar to a joystick on a gaming remote
  • A toggle switch that you can flip back and forth
  • An indented impression to rub to reduce anxiety. It's named 'Breathe'
  • A side with 3 gears similar to a combo lock on a briefcase and a rolling ball with built-in click feature
  • A circular feature that spins around with an indent to get your bearings

A perfect gift for office workers, the fidget cube comes in many different colors, it weighs 1.4 oz, and measures approximately 1.3 inches - cubed of course. 

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