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BomShot™ Selfie SoftBox Party Light Mobile Accessory Kit
Product Code:EM-PC193
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Product Information:

BomShot™ is a tool for anyone creating visual content from their phones. The key to taking a great photo or video comes down to lighting. With BomShot™ you can diffuse or even out light to enhance and reduce shadows. Use BomShot™ to create higher quality selfies, use as a softbox, or as accent lighting. With 7 different LED colors and 3 light intensities to choose from, BomShot™ offers limitless possibilities for content & ambience creation.

As we all know, lighting is a crucial element to taking quality photos. The more control you have over the lighting situation, the more control you have over the quality of the photos. Shooting indoors or at night can be challenging due to the variety and placement of light sources that you may encounter. BomShot™ helps you create limitless unique photos and videos with ease in all those tricky environments. BomShot™ can also turn a dark room into an instant dance party with 2 sound activated strobe lights!


  • Selfie Light - create higher quality pictures & videos for live streaming & more!
  • SoftBox Lighting for Product Videos, Pictures & More!
  • Party Light - instant dance party anywhere!


  • BomShot™
  • Selfie Clip
  • Flexible Softbox Stand
  • Gel Sticky Pad
  • Charging Cable
  • Zippered Pouch

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