Product Development Services

Emperor Promos has established a large base of trusted factories able to fulfill OEM/ODM requests for the promotional product industry. From custom Bluetooth speakers with pre-loaded music to a full package loaded tablet, we can do it all. With our Hong Kong sister company, Emperor Marketing Limited (HK), we're able to coordinate all the communications carefully and expedite client orders to ensure a smooth project flow from start to finish.


Since our team is on the ground in the manufacturing hub we're able to maintain consistency, quality, & avoid the complexities and inconveniences faced by many customers today. We guarantee shortened time to mass production and reduced total cost of ownership for your OEM/ODM projects. We handle everything from:


PROJECT MANAGEMENT :: Full project support from initial analysis to after market support! 


PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT :: We will analysize your specifications against industry standards to meet and exceed product quality expectations. 


MATERIALS & COMPONENTS :: We test & analyze each component to ensure overall product quality. Every component is key to the overall success.


MANUFACTURING :: Once everything is tested and we're ready to move to production we will check quality at 5%, 25%, 80% & 100% production. 


QC & CERTIFICATIONS :: Our Quality Control is done in house and in person at the partner factory. We also handle all required certifications for the destination country.


SHIPPING & LOGISTICS :: Sometimes our clients need some products via air freight, some by sea. We work out a customized logistic schedule that meets your needs. Every client is different and we aim to please! 


LEGAL IP PROTECTION :: Even if you have a patent in your home country you may not be protected against IP infringement. Our partners are experts in the complex laws surrounding IP protection in Asia and will assist you along the way. 

For more information about our services please contact your Emperor rep! 

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