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 Augmented Reality for Promotional Use


Augmented reality (AR)—10 years ago, this technology would have seemed like a concept that only belonged in “The Matrix” movies. Flash forward to 2018, and this technology is no longer just a concept, it’s the next big thing for the promotional products industry. In fact, according to Digi-Capital, AR and virtual reality are expected to grow to $108 billion by 2021, with mobile phone AR leading the way. Doesn’t this seem like a business opportunity you could get behind? With tech giants like Apple making AR more accessible to the everyday consumer, it’s easier than ever to
break into this market.


If the idea of incorporating augmented reality into your promotional business seems inaccessible and intangible to you, fear not. Learn more about augmented reality here: https://magazine.promomarketing.com/partner/whatstrendingnowaugmentedreality/

Reference: Promo Marketing https://magazine.promomarketing.com/partner/whatstrendingnowaugmentedreality/

Peer into the Future with Visual Reality Goggles


Employee Incentives to Increase Productivity

Bluetooth Equalizer Speaker Tube (EM-BT009) This equalizer bluetooth speaker is perfect for your next employee gift project or premium gift basket. Watch the lights dance as the music plays through these powerful 10 speakers! Listen to music on the beach, mountain, and anywhere in between! Don't limit music to your iPod, take it to the next level with music throughout your house or out on the trail! Rechargeable lithium battery ensures your music listening pleasure lasts for hours! Loud speaker output is 10W with a charging input of DC 5V. Normal charging time is 3 hours for a maximum of 12 hours playback time. Find out more...



NFC Silicone Wristband (EM-PC060) Our extremely popular classic silicone wristband with embedded NFC chip is perfect for your next music or trade show event where you want to take "smart" marketing to the next level. Also perfect for the private health industry, clinics & hospitals can hand these out preloaded (on site) with a patient's health information. With your preloaded NFC you can send users offers via smartphones pointing to rich media content like videos, presentations, and other product or service content as WELL as health information for a patient.  Fantastic quality and a sleek, fashionable design. Available from stock in green, blue, black, red, white and yellow. This is a very well made, durable and comfortable wristband. Waterproof, dustproof and weatherproof. Find out more...

Value Promos for Budget Sensitive Clients

Charging Cable Bracelet Wristband (EM-PC043) This micro USB cable has a unique wristband design which allows the user to always have charging capabilities close at hand. Perfect as a giveaway for tradeshows, conventions and other events where a strict budget is an issue. Lightweight and modern design with several bright color options. For use with smartphones and other devices that use the micro USB cable to charge.  Find out more...


Direct Mail
Digital Key can be distributed via the postal system to a targeted mailing list. Because of the wide range of printed paper options available, the Digital Key USB device can be fused into a leaflet or brochure, tipped on to a letter, form part of a mixture of marketing collateral or be mailed out as a stand alone self-mailer product. Because the Webkey module is embedded into branded print, the recipient should instantly recognise and relate to the printed document. Assuming the message is targeted and relevant (you haven’t sent Dog food products and info to a Cat owner) and there is a clear call-to-action, with an enticing and captivating ‘hook’, the end recipient will engage with the product and insert the Webkey into their computer to find out more about the product; or perhaps enter your competition, redeem your voucher, register their details or get money off (for example).

A Digital Key loyalty device, can be pre-personalised or generic for customer facing companies. The devices can allow customers to collect and manage loyalty points (both in-store and online) and the customer can utilise these devices to view and manage their accounts. The physical device serves as a customer prompt and engagement vehicle between the host company and the user. A dynamic journey can be pre-programmed to the campaign so each time the Digital Key is plugged in, fresh offers await the customer with tempting offers and ‘heard it here first’ information.

Internet Shopping Coupon
The Digital Key can be used to access dynamic internet shopping coupons. When connected to a computer, the device would automatically present a web coupon page to the customer, similar in look to those in newspapers or coupon books. By plugging the Digital Key coupon into their computer, the customer would be taken directly to a web coupon page which would be continually updated so that the most recent offers were displayed. The coupon page could even have links to associated online stores that would enable the customer to make a fast purchase with the coupon discount applied.

Store Tag
An in-store product tag could give direct access to online information relating to a product. While browsing the products within a store a customer would be able to take away a low-cost tag that would automatically open the retailer’s web site when plugged in to their computer at home. The product’s number would also be sent to the site so that the product could be identified and information displayed such as price, ordering information, options and other related products. The Digital Key product tag, would allow customers to take away direct access back to the information they need about a product.

Conference / Events
VISITORS: When people visit your stand and express an interest in your company / product or service, hand them a Digital Key that will connect them to your webpage when they plug into their computer. If they like what they see when they get there, entice them to complete a form with their details so you can pair that individual Digital Key with that prospect. Once you have received their details, the marketing communication possibilities are endless.

ORGANIZERS: If hosting an event or conference, you can issue attendees with a leaflet / flyer or branded information pack that contains the Digital Key. Assuming the attendee enjoyed the event and wanted to engage further, they will connect the Digital Key to continue down their knowledge-path via the internet, be that finding out more information, getting notes from the event, linking to videos or downloading exclusive content.


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